Spinning a yarn

Spinning a yarn

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Week 4 Alpha Blue Session Report

Hello Sweeties!

This week has been manic so I am very late with this session report! I do hope you'll forgive me though :)

Snacks wise we had incredibly sour blue balls which turned out to be filled with bubblegum and just screamed Alpha Blue (thanks Kat).

The Game

Sister Mary met Don Salvatore, her lover Angelo and the Terra Nostra crew of gangsters. Angelo took her aside and begged her to leave Alpha Blue. The Terra Nostra were there to get a slice of the action or make an example of Alpha Blue. He warned her that her shapeshifting cousin was on board as part of the crew and that she should watch her back.

Meanwhile Dash was listening in discretely prepared to get her back if she got in any trouble. When she left without incident he managed to insult the goon on the door who gave him a bloody nose then hurriedly apologised calling him Taipan and saying he hadn't recognised him.

After Arden's encounter with the Terra Nostra goon he decided to look for solace in the tentacled croupier he has been seeing, however when she exited the casino she did not recognise him and shunned him. He stood there stunned watching her leave as moments later she exited the casino again and this time greeted him warmly. Clearly she had a doppelganger on board!

Kanan interrogated a cleric and realised his flashbacks were of the Zedi which he plans on investigating later.

Back on The Cyclops Snake Brother Ezekiel was playing a rousing game of twister with Jeeves the butler bot till Skye Candy defrosted and described being kidnapped by Dash and Mary. Ezekiel had rescued her from Don Trumps harem and Vincent Vega of the Terra Nostra had helped free them in exchange for them gathering intel on Alpha Blue.

During this encounter Vena discovered that Dash had a venomous bite and the codename Taipan to go with it whereas Vena was known as Anaconda as she could use her vines to bind people.

Arden and Astra realised and revealed that they had been hired by the interstellar wall to retrieve Skye Candy and Brother Ezekiel. However as a group they decided not to go through with it. They would however buy a sexbot, make it look like Skye Candy and install a bomb to destroy Aldo Trump when he defrosted it. Meanwhile Kanan got to work disguising Skye Candy so she could move about Alpha Blue without causing a scene since everybody thought she was dead and they believed other bounty hunters might be after her.

It was also agreed that they should try to stop Alpha Blue's destruction by the Terra Nostra since it was far too fun and profitable to let it blow up!

Astra and Dash went off to the Ultra Room as Dash felt a performance coming on and Astra wanted to watch!

To Be Continued...