Spinning a yarn

Spinning a yarn

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Coming Soon to a Blog near you... Alpha Blue

Hello Sweetie's!

So I had planned to run Alpha Blue as a one shot at my local RPG club during the short block. However I somehow got talked in to running it as a long block 8 week campaign. I put my pitch together, which felt less like a pitch and more of a 'warning: contains adult themes and sexual content'. I had asked for 4 - 6 players but when the votes were all in, I ended up with 7 players so it certainly garnered some attention. This is my first campaign as a GM at the club, so I'm a tad nervous, but mostly excited!

My bedroom wall is now plastered in post it notes (which according to some, form a giant penis shape... appropriately) filled with storyline ideas & plans. I have wrote some of my own stuff but also chose to use some of the ideas in the book so hopefully my session reports will cover all bases in terms of review.

I am also hard at work making props (I blame the good friends of Jackson Elias and their recent wonderful podcast!). So far I have a series of ads and notifications to show in the background in a slideshow as though they are on a viewing screen on alpha blue. These may or may not have clues.... Some of my readers are in the game so I can't give away too much.

While writing and making for Alpha Blue I have been listening to a lot of Richard Cheese who seems to me to be the perfect live act for the Blue Velvet Lounge. Odds are good my players will be audibly assaulted by Richard Cheese in the game at some point!

Some of you may know I have made a couple of tables which are going on Venger Satanis' new kickstarter project Girls Gone Rogue. The GGR tables will also likely feature in my game, possibly Oli Palmer's GGR contribution too if he says yes... when I ask... Very exciting stuff!

So to summarise, I am looking forward to running this! Session reports will start mid-march :)

Vix x