Spinning a yarn

Spinning a yarn

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Week 3 Alpha Blue Session Report

Hello Sweeties!

So Tuesday night was the third instalment of our Alpha Blue Campaign. The action heated up a fair bit and I found I lost track of my sex tally. Which is probably a good thing as some of the players are quite competitive and I don't want it distracting from the storyline too much!


We have a new picture of Vena below, drawn by the incredibly talented Rachael Tew (who plays Astra). Anyone else seeing vegetarianism in a new light?


The players woke up docked back at Alpha Blue and decided to take the two prisoners claiming to be Baby Blue back to the casino and deliver them to a very grateful Hot Blue. She paid them handsomely for their service and told Arden that they were known as the serpentine crew and were essentially criminals for hire. At the same time Sister Mary produced the contract for Ezekiels employment and Vena recognised it as a forgery she had made.

While at the casino the players saw a wanted poster for Kanan who was being hunted by the ICIA. They also saw an advertisement for a memorial for Skye Candy and a news article that Dash's lover from the previous night was the latest victim of the unsatisfied killer. This was all via the Alpha Blue noticeboard terminals. Kanan decided he should adopt a disguise and the players decided they needed to investigate the Unsatisfied Killer.

They decided they should go to the memorial as the killer might be there. They went early, ordered some space cocktails, listened to the vocal stylings of Mr, Dick Booblay (played Richard Cheese) and decided to have sex at the table, as you do!

Arden however had a theory that the mini orgasmatrons were causing the satisfiers to kill themselves so he decided to investigate at the med bay. At the med bay he saw an extremely attractive repairbot, who looked more like a sexbot than a repairbot, except for the uniform. Arden recognised her via flashback as having repaired the orgasmatron right before the players amnesia causing accident. She was tinkering with the JCN terminal in the med bay.

Arden then went over to speak to JCN however it became clear JCN was glitching and he started talking about killing the intruders and started to seal off the med bay. Arden got out in time and as the doors sealed he could see through the window that JCN was sucking the air from the room. He hurried to another JCN terminal and convinced him to abort the termination sequence and shut down as he had a virus. The med bay doors unsealed and everyone was okay.

Arden made his way to the computer main frame and called the other players to assist (though Vena and Dash elected to have more sex instead). Between Arden's guidance, Kanan and Astra's computer expertise and Sister Mary's knowledge of computer viruses they managed to isolate and remove the virus (they think).

They then decided to return to the memorial but Sister Mary saw a man who triggered her memory as an old flame so she chased him, Dash chased her and Arden chased Dash. The gentleman in question entered the docking bay into a Terra Nostra ship guarded by two goons. Sister Mary talked her way onto the ship and Arden and Dash decided to follow. Arden tried to distract the goons but one was only interested in Arden as a lover so he took one for the team while Dash bribed a hooker to distract the other. Dash then followed Sister Mary onto the ship.

Cut back to the memorial where Astra, Kanan and Vena were watching proceedings and Astra had a flashback triggered by the memorial photo display of Skye Candy. The flashback consisted of Astra in her lab with Skye Candy unconscious, wheeling her on a table into a secret room of the lab behind a false wall. She grabbed Vena and they ran off to investigate, leaving Kanan to monitor the memorial.

Back on board the Cyclops Snake Astra opened the secret room in the lab. Vena got a little excited at the sight of the frosty cryogenics tubes and got her tongue stuck to the window of one. As Astra freed her they discovered Skye Candy frozen inside the tube. This led to confusing feelings for Vena but Astra began the 'defrost' sequence.

To be continued...


There was still lots of silliness and a fair amount of sex however it was good to see the players getting into the mystery and action a bit more. I do think Alpha Blue is a very versatile game and I'm really looking forward to next week!

EDIT! Wow I forgot to add, we had some fun with rope during the game so the following pics are of Rachael tying up Tom (Dash) and I!