Spinning a yarn

Spinning a yarn

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Week 6 of Alpha Blue!

Hello Sweeties,

I decided to post week 6 & week 7 close together as week 6 ended part way through the finale. Week 7 should be posted tomorrow.

There is a plan to run Girls Gone Rogue as a one shot follow on next week but our campaign has now concluded and I can honestly say it was easier to run then I'd thought and everyone had a blast! I would certainly run it again (though I might need a break from all the planning for a while)!

Due to life getting in the way I felt woefully unprepared for these last two sessions yet they were arguably two of my favourites!

The Game

We picked up where we left off with Arden, Zeke and Kanan finishing up the JCN mission, resetting him back to factory settings and making the investment offer for shares in Alpha Blue. On their way back to the ship they saw Bonny & Clyde.

Back on the Cyclops Snake; Sister Mary had taken Crazy Carmela to Astra to be patched up when Dash returned and got filled in on what he had missed while at the Ultra Room.

As Arden, Kanan and Zeke returned to the ship the Terra Nostra showed up, guns drawn and ready for action, however Arden was still wearing the horny pollen weapon from the previous week. With the exception of Tigra, Ilsa the sex bot and Frankie the Fish the Terra Nostra were overcome with sexual urges. Unfortunately so was Dash who had not been given the antidote.

Tony of the Terra Nostra went straight for Arden, while Don Salvatore fixated on Sister Mary. Crazy Carmela started having a sex dream and moaning for Tigra while Vincent Vega and Dash both went for Astra.

Vega tried to shoot Dash to ward him off  of Astra however Dash grabbed the gun... then tripped and shot Astra in the leg ripping a hole through her hazmat suit.

Tigra and Frankie tried to restrain Vega & Dash but Zeke shot Tigra with the God gun causing him to have a revelation and retire to the chapel.

Kanan subdued Vega by filling his brain with images of his parents having sex causing Vega to scream and whimper in disgust. He took some indigo haze to wipe the memory and dragged Ilsa Ss into the nearest cupboard to relieve his urges.

Sister Mary meanwhile with Astra's help had Don Salvatore's nuts in a vice like grip and got him to order his men off the ship. Frankie left to 'take care of their guest' (Vena). Tony reluctantly left Arden with a kiss goodbye.

Dash still ridiculously horny woke Crazy Carmela and proceeded to have kinky exhibitionist sex, right there on the med bay table while Astra and Mary knocked out Vega and the Don, sticking them in cryo. Zeke 'questioned' Ilsa SS in the cupboard which basically meant lots of sex.

Dash continued with Crazy Carmela back in his room but sadly caught Anal Flux. Arden took many boiling hot showers to wash the Tony off feeling pretty disturbed by the encounter but luckily his loving supportive crew mates woke him the next day with breakfast in bed delivered by Jeeves which was entirely made of phallic foods served with ring shaped food such as sausage and cream cheese bagels and whole cucumber with a polo (think white minty lifesaver candy if you're American). He washed the thought from his mind by screwing Skye Candy but was interrupted by a call from Patsy D'Vine who was due in an hour. The crew largely panicked about this while Zeke took Ilsa to the chapel to question Tigra.

Tigra filled him in on the sabotage on ship including a holodeck malfunction causing several holograms of villains such as Bonny & Clyde, a group of huns, and Moriarty to roam the ship. Zeke and Ilsa went to fix it by reprogramming them to religious icons however Zeke, in Ilsa's presence, was so turned on that they came out unexpectedly provocative.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew met with Patsy and Trump, who turned out to be quite sexist. They dropped the F-Bomb (horny pollen bomb in the air vents) and the station erupted with kinky fun time.

Patsy became overcome and started grabbing at Arden, who graciously allowed her to go down on him while they talked business. Dash sneakily took out one of Trumps Mooks while Kanan used mind control to convince Trump that everything was in order.

Trump offended Astra and Sister Mary one too many times and got his drink spiked with various nasty things including tapeworm, laxatives, flaccid pills and a miniaturised baby brain bug. He ran to the toilet with one bodyguard in some discomfort. At which point both Astra and Dash tried to attack the remaining mook and bodyguard but both fell over instead. Dash then shot the bodyguard who was then finished off by Kanan shooting electricity from his fingers. Astra and Kanan took out the mook while Arden pulled Patsy off his cock long enough to get Aldo's bank details so Mary could run her hacking robbery program and stole 6 million in blue bucks.

To Be Continued...