Spinning a yarn

Spinning a yarn

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Jumping the Shark: Week 5 Alpha Blue Session Report

Hello Sweeties!

We are now nearing completion of our Alpha Blue campaign and this session saw the groups first real combat!

Rachael also doodled an angelic brain bug and a sexy brain bug for us I just have to share!

The Game

Arden received a message from Patsy D'Vine that the Don and Patsy were coming to collect 'the package' tomorrow and arranged to meet at the Casino. He sourced a male sexbot to disguise as Brother Ezekiel. While out visiting his tentacle lover, Delia, he discovered from JCN that a visiting prince who had been pegged as an Alpha Blue investor had been murdered. Leaving coveted investment opportunities once again available. On the way back to the ship to inform his crew mates he bumped into Agent Smith who was looking for Kanan. He also saw in passing an albino cleric he had seen flashbacks of on occasion and had reason to believe was involved in the station sabotage and murders. However when he followed the cleric into the men's room, a tiger bounty hunter with an uncanny resemblance to Sister Mary exited the stall.

Meanwhile back on board the Cyclops Snake, Vena was flowering, which released an extremely potent aphrodisiac pollen into the air resulting in willpower checks to all those around her (except Astra who was smart enough to put on a hazmat suit). Failed checks resulted in the violation of both the female and male sexbots. Astra got to work on an antidote (successfully) to the pollen for the crew as well as a way to perhaps make it weaponised.

Kanan managed to escape with his dignity in tact and made his way to the ultra room where he avoided watching the off putting show of Dash's performance whilst questioning two zedi on the ship. He discovered that he was in fact a Zedi master and started practicing with his new found abilities.

Astra had a delivery of various chemical compounds from Tigra who it transpired had hired her to make a poison gas to be released into the Alpha Blue ventilation system. They decided to make a horny gas instead from Vena's pollen so that the station just got really horny instead.

Zeke accidentally contacted Vincent Vega, discovering they had 2 days till the Terra Nostra planned to wipe out Alpha Blue. He also managed to convince Vega that Don Trump was a threat to the Terra Nostra and needed to be 'Taken out'.

When Arden returned to the ship he was overcome with desire / afflicted by pollen, and satisfied his urges in an icy, vine entangled triste with Vena. Arden and Kanan filled in the others on their discoveries and hatched a plan to pool the crew's money, bet it all in the casino with Arden playing a few hands of smugglers quarry with the whales to get enough money to invest in Alpha Blue, 250k Blue Bucks. At the time I thought this a near impossible feat but the inclusion of both Arden and Zeke's lucky rerolls, Vena's pollen as a distraction and Kanan's mind control made this actually a much more realistic number. Retrospectively it may be that my limited understanding of gambling / casinos caused this to be entirely too easy. Even the casino goons who came over to intrude were quickly turned about by Kanan's mind control. They turned 20 k into 320k in 5 or so hands. Well played guys, well played...

They also started prepping a plan to fleece Aldo Trump's bank accounts, take incriminating photos and just generally discredit him. I believe this is in addition to the sexbot bomb. Vena and Kanan hid the time release pollen bomb Astra had made while Zeke held service at the chapel and Astra got cooking up some synthetic wonderland in case they needed any extra cash.

Arden made the offer to JCN for investing in Alpha Blue but JCN advised them that there was already an offer on the table from Don Salvatore. The crew decided to go down to JCN's mainframe again and reset him so he forgot the alternate offer and they did not get dragged into a bidding war. Unfortunately Crazy Carmela (Don Salvatore's daughter), Jimmy four arms and the humanoid with a shark head; Frankie the Fish, followed the now very rich serpentine crew from the casino. Vena used her pollen to distract Frankie the Fish and quite literally 'jumped the shark', taking one for the team. Brother Ezekiel used his God Gun successfully to have Jimmy Four Arms seriously reconsider his life choices due to a revelation which caused him to run off to the chapel. This left Sister Mary, Kanan and Arden attacking Crazy Carmela and making pretty short work of her (oh exploding dice)! They stopped just shy of actually killing her and bought her back to the med bay on the cyclops snake for Astra to hopefully patch her up / stick her in the deep freeze.

To be continued....