Spinning a yarn

Spinning a yarn

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Super Mario Dice Bag

This is a dice bag I crocheted a little while ago. It is designed to look like the Super Mario style Bob-ombs. If you fancy making one for yourself you will need black, grey, white and yellow wool, a crochet hook and some grey ribbon.

I generally don't use patterns, nor do I usually make notes so what follows is not so much a pattern as a guide.

I start by making a magic circle and crocheting 8 single crochets into the circle joining with a slip stitch. I then chain 2 and double crochet twice into each stitch again joining at the end with a slip stitch. On the next row alternate 2 double crochets in one stitch then one double crochet in the next.

 For each subsequent row alter the ratio by reducing the frequency of 2 double crochets until the bag is the desired width. This is basically made the same way you might make a beanie hat for a baby so you may want to follow a pattern for a beanie using black wool. 

Once the width is correct, make 1 double crochet per chain all the way round and repeat till you have the desired height. Finish with two rows in grey. Then thread a ribbon through to use as a drawstring in the first grey row.

The eyes are each made by forming a chain the desired length of the eyes and single crocheting all the way around it with an extra single crochet in each corner. Once these are complete sew them in place. 

The feet are made in yellow wool using the same method as the first two rounds of the bag. Sew these on, weave in all your ends and voila! You have a dice bag :)

Hopefully that is of use to you. I have also made a pokeball version which I will upload at some point. There will be more dice bags to follow after Christmas as I am currently making some as presents and don't want to ruin the surprise!